Award 3 – Barangaroo South

Award 3 - Barangaroo South

Award 3 – Barangaroo South

ASPECT|OCULUS’s work on Barangaroo South helped bring to life a vision of a highly connected and supportable Eastern City. Alongside this great team of landscape architects, StraBe was approached by the headland contractor to supply and install the street furniture.

The streets of the precinct are now alive and vibrant; highly-utilised by both locals and visitors winning Award 3 – GREAT NEW PLACE TO LIVE AND/OR WORK.

Located on Sydney Harbour, it’s truly a spectacular place for everyone to enjoy. The 6ha Baranagaroo point restores the naturalistic pre-1836 shoreline of port jackson and transforms one of Sydney’s oldest industrial areas into a world class park. Stop by to make use of StraBe’s customised bench seating, recycle centers, bicycles parks and much much more!!