Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum



Spotted Gum, or eucalyptus malculata, is a tall tree known for having straight and blotchy or spotty coloured trunks.


This hardy timber is grown in several places along Australia’s east coast, from Victoria up to Queensland but the best plantations are found on the New South Wales south coast.


Spotted gum is a premium native hardwood that produces a wavy grain which makes it an attractive favourite for any interior or exterior design piece. It has also been named as an Australian Standard bushfire-rated timber making it a sensible choice for those areas more prone to these events.


The colour of spotted gum can range from light greyish to rich reddish browns and can be stained, textured, oiled, or lacquered to achieve many different looks when finished. We recommend using Cutek Extreme with a tint as this stabilizes the timber and provides UV protection.


Given its natural strength, durability, and resistance to pests like termites it is well equipped to withstand outdoor conditions in Australia. You will find spotted gum widely used for power poles, bridge timbers and general construction throughout the country and is Australia’s most widely available recycled timbers. Spotted gum is the preferred choice for outdoor furniture.


Thanks to a slight greasiness within the timber, spotted gum is incredible easy to work with, especially machining or boring. With the addition of seasoning, it takes incredibly well to nailing and screws. However, despite the ease in which it can be used, it remains remarkably strong – no compromising strength for adaptability.


When specifying spotted gum for a project, use the following description:
Australian Spotted Gum Hardwood with 2 coats applied of Cutek Extreme oil finish with tint.


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