Design Forge

Design Forge is an exclusive design and construction delivery package which brings our clients substantial financial, commercial and design benefits which traditional D+C models have rarely achieved. Design Forge brings together each process of the project under one team relieving you of the stress of dealing with multiple consultants. Our philosophy is based on the following three points.

With Design Forge, we partner with clients to make their dreams for urban space a reality. We ask the hard questions, challenge the norm, apply new thinking from multiple perspectives and experiences, and create solutions to forge a better lifestyle for all humans.

Designs bring people together to create ideas, solve problems and discover solutions. At StraBe Group we live for the challenge to create urban elements that inspire the people who utilise them. Together with our clients, we translate dreams and design aspirations into products that integrate with the environment they are positioned in and create an memorable experience for the users.

The traditional process of translating design into reality is broken; delays and cost-overruns are becoming more frequent and are often compounded by passing the responsibility to other consultants when problems arise. StraBe Groups ‘Design Forge’ offers a reliable and trusted delivery model, through complete unification of our design, engineering and construction teams. Our projects work with your dream and budget guidelines from the onset and, not only meet schedules, but control costs at every point, delivering your dream into a space in which people love to live.