How to conquer return to work blues.

Beating the return to work blues is conquered by the regular enforcement of a lunch break routine. A lunch break at work is not just a break to quickly scoff down some food, it’s a chance to get away from the workload, refresh your mind, socialise with friends and sit and enjoy a delicious healthy meal, with results that increase your productivity, focus and creativity throughout the day. It has been proven that workers who remain seated at their desk the whole day have higher levels of stress, anxiety and are less productive workers. Taking your lunch break outdoors significantly boosts employees physical and emotional well-being, reduces stress and enhances innovative potential. Adding a bit of greenery and fresh air to your day is the smartest move you can do, so below is 6 simple steps to taking your lunch break outdoors.

  1. Pack a tasty array of picnic delights

Consuming a healthy lunch is extremely important in maintaining a fresh and focused mind to ensure productivity during work hours. Having a break and taking an easy too travel with meal to a quiet reserved park allows your body to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day.

  1. Locate a good spot close to your work

Locating a peaceful park close, will help you find your own special spot where you can experience nature in a relaxing way. Changing your environment from a blank office to the outdoors helps stimulate new ideas and establish a stronger attention span.

  1. Make the trip

Convincing yourself of the many benefits of taking your lunch outdoors is a major step in beating the back to work blues. The minimal effort required to make the trip is necessary and is an easy step towards having a calm and positive day.

  1. Personalise your chosen spot

Personalising your park spot involves bringing along your favorite things: a book, music, or even some fun activity and games. Participating in even a few minutes of physical exercise has major health benefits including lower stress and anxiety levels; helping you to remain mentally focused at work.

  1. Host a crowd

Make it a sociable affair. Invite your collages, friends and even family to be together for a fun relaxing lunch. Socialising and communicating with others increases your social and mental well-being, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Give yourself incentive to return each day

Creating a routine that involves regular lunch outings to the park will increase your ability to work effectively and efficiently at ease. Getting that outdoor break each day will do wonders for your concentration, stress levels, and creativity, while also reminding you that work shouldn’t take up your whole life and there are many more opportunities to take during your work-life.