Introducing the StraBe LOOP FAMILY

Modular Social Seating for Urban Streetscapes

Designed to Cultivate Togetherness, Inclusion and Fun in Your Next Project

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Introducing StraBe’s ‘LOOP Family suite, the eye-catching modular street furniture range that organically brings people together – big and small – for rest, play and social interaction.

Inspired by contemporary urban streetscapes, modular concept and the modern architectural designs of Scandinavia, LOOP street furniture integrates a designer series of curve shaped modules – including soft rounded circles, arcs, corners, lines, cones, cylinders, bollards – that work independently or joined together to form dynamic social seating.

One of the amazing things about these colorful social seating modules is that they invite playfulness, discovery and a tactile response through their unconventional & modern design. People of all ages and abilities can interact, rest and appreciate the fun social dynamic that is facilitated by the LOOP street modules.

Highly durable, safe and easily specified into the design process, LOOP modules are a designers dream offering the peace-of-mind of compliance and flexibility to modify configurations.

Available in 16 modern modules and 13 colours, StraBe’s LOOP urban social seating range is constructed from durable 100% recyclable polyethylene (PE) with an estimated long lifespan of up to 30 years.

Rounded, child safe with no sharp edges, ultra-low maintenance, LOOP social seating is ideal for public spaces, urban streetscapes, city spaces, parks, reserves, green spaces, entertainment areas, public and private spaces.

Temporary and moveable – or fixed to the ground/floor, the LOOP suite is approved as playground equipment according to EN1176 and AS 4685.5:2021 certification standards.

  • Available 100% RECYCLED

All LOOP social seating is also available in a 100% recycled version: 85% of the material is made of production waste and the remaining 15% is derived from plastic bags.

  • Approved for safety and compliance as playground equipment according to EN1176 / AS 4685.5:2021

(Except LOOP Cone).

  • Easy to Specify
  • Child Safe- No Sharp E​
  • Ideal as a Fixed Installation or Moveable Application
  • Built for Outdoor and Indoor Environments
  • Designed and Manufactured in Denmark

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StraBe has earned a riveting reputation as an invaluable partner in designing and modernising distinctive urban and public infrastructure projects in Australia.


Levering off their inherent engineering and fabricating DNA, StraBe’s turnkey approach to durable and stylish street furniture, shelters and outdoor spaces amenities is streets ahead of their time. The dynamic company has evolved to become a leading global designer, manufacturer and consulting firm to Landscape Architects and Town Planning in the Australian arena with their standardized, modified or bespoke product suites


StraBe offers unrivalled end-to-end expertise and support to landscape architects, commercial projects, governments, councils, developers, education departments, city parks, and residential sectors and transport infrastructure.