Modern and Creative… Its the new Lionel Watts Reserve Playground!

Lionel Watts Reserve

The Lionel Watts Reserve Play Space officially opened its gates to the public on December the 1st 2019. As a new inclusion play space which provides facilities for children of all abilities and their careers. StraBe Group worked with the Landscape Contractors and Northern Beaches Council to design, manufacture and install the custom wall seats and the large circular seating which is at the heart of the park.


        circular seating


Lionel Watts Play Space Also Features:

  • Main entry with disabled parking adjacent
  • New amenities including accessible family toilets, BBQ’s, picnic settings and shelters located within close proximity to the playground
  • Landscaped areas to enhance nature play
  • Flying foxes, swinging and climbing elements
  • Imaginative and passive activities using water play and public art
  • Exercise Equipment


Lionel Watts Reserve is a statement park creatively designed with vibrant colours and extensive metal work within the design of the play equipment, providing the community with a safe environment where families, friends and community can come to interact with each other and meet new people. It’s also a great space for events and for people to engage in recreational activities. This space allows people to develop a sense of community and self-awareness.