Revitalising The Laneway to Lake Tuggeranong

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Location: Tuggeranong ACT
Completion Date: December 2020
Market Sector: Public Space


Bringing renewed life to the Town Centre of Tuggeranong in the ACT is The Laneway. A central open space hub that spears off Anektell Street and leads down to the Lake Tuggeranong foreshore, this reactivated area once again offers an accessible, safe and inviting usable space to visitors while re-establishing a visual connection to the lake.


StraBe Group, experts in street furniture and design-focused urban spaces, were enlisted to design and manufacture a suite of street furniture for the project, along with bike racks and custom shade structures.


Working to a brief that required distinctive design and natural hues that would bring warmth to the space, StraBe collaborated with AECOM and Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) on the design and construction of the units needed to outfit the plaza. Contemporary street furniture and bike racks manufactured for durability, longevity and design dot the space, increasing functionality and usability in the area. But it is the shade structures that make all the difference!


Constructed to resemble flower petals, the artistic design of the shade structures are an inspiring sight that unfolds across the square. Perforated metal canopies fill organic-shaped steel frames to provide plenty of dappled shade for those relaxing beneath. Blending harmoniously with the greenlife added to the scheme, the petal-like structures give the entire area a woodland feel that is visually appealing and exceedingly practical. Sitting at different heights and spreading varied shade patterns across the surface of the plaza, the artistic structures adds layered complexity to the overall design that have contributed to the successful reactivation of this central town square.

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