Litter Bins & Enclosures

Streetscape Litter Bins, Waste and Recycling Enclosures

Pairing seamlessly with StraBe’s solution-focused modular streetscape furniture, StraBe’s extensive range of architecturally-inspired outdoor bin enclosures, double wheelie bin enclosures, ash tray enclosures and public bin enclosures for general waste, recycling and organic waste are easily specified into any urban, commercial or landscape project.

All StraBe’s modular street bin enclosures are constructed from premium materials to ensure superior durability, cleanliness and protection to bins on streets – inhibiting vandalism and prolonging the lifetime of the product.

Using StraBe’s product modification options, you can easily specify custom designed urban and public bin enclosures with our selection of different durable materials, powder-coat colours, insert branding and custom features- to create a park rubbish bins, public litter bins and dual outdoor rubbish bins Australia that are unique to your project specifications and aesthetic requirements.