Barangaroo Recycle Centre

Barangaroo located on Sydney Harbour provides space for recreation, expression, celebration and community – hence there is no better name for our very fine ‘Barangaroo’ range of street furniture. After partnering with landscape architects we developed this stunning style to fit all natural surroundings.


Dimensions & Data

  • Heavy Duty Galvanised or Stainless Steel Frame
  • Hardwood Slats
  • Lockable Access Doors
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Framed Timber Batten Lid (not watertight)
  • 120, 140 or 240L Capacity
  • Bolt Down Configuration
  • 1270H x 1290W x 645D
  • Available Colours: Powder-coat Colour Range
Aluminium - Clear Anodised
Aluminium - Spotted Gum
Aluminium - Western Cedar
EnviroSlat - Walnut
Spotted Gum
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Additional information

Aluminium – Clear Anodised, Aluminium – Spotted Gum, Aluminium – Western Cedar, EnviroSlat – Walnut, Spotted Gum