Cooxy BBQ

Cooxy is the smartest BBQ in Australia.  Easy, safe and practical the Cooxy will enhance every public space or add the finishing touch to your private courtyard. With the latest in SMART control and maintenance management systems, the Cooxy is the new benchmark in BBQ’s for the Australian outdoors.





Dimensions & Data

  • One-piece stainless steel top
  • The Cooxy is a strong and sanitary item of urban furniture
  • Shock-resistant and handles all kinds of weather conditions
  • Control of the BBQ via Bluetooth on a smartphone
  • 942H x 955W



How does a Cooxy work?

It’s quick and simple to use. Follow these three steps to start using COOXY.



        1. Download the mobile app

For more efficiency and security, COOXY is operated from the mobile app. In all simplicity, this manages everything!

Temperatures, cooking tips, automatic disconnection – everything is under control and updated automatically via the app. Once the application is downloaded, no need for internet connection!


To download click here –





2. Select the chosen Cooxy

Activate Bluetooth on your mobile. Open the COOXY app and select the BBQ you want to use. Get close enough to pick up the Bluetooth signal.








3. Start cooking!

Control COOXY with the virtual temperature control slider. The foot of the BBQ is lit by green LEDs that turn red as soon as the cooking zone heats.


The smartphone indicates the desired temperature and the actual temperature.





For further information, please click on the following link –

Modifications Available

BBQ Configuration

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