Loop Line

LOOP Line is made to function independently as well as in combination. It combines with LOOP Arc to form a triangle, curving snake forms or any number of other customised solutions. Combined with LOOP Corner it forms rectangles to use for ball courts, elevated beds or sand boxes, where seating is the added bonus.



LOOP Line combines with #137 LOOP Arc to form curving snake forms and triangles. Combined with LOOP Corner #171 it forms rectangles. Please note that the shape of Loop Line does not permit it to stand alone
unfastened. It must be attached to the ground or to a LOOP Arc or LOOP Corner at either end.

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  • L2000 x H400mm. Volume: 240L
  • 3 x modules (circle): outside diameter: Ø2700 / inside diameter Ø1900mm
  • 8-10 seats inside / 12-14 seats outside
  • UV and Weather resistant moulded polyethylene 8mm thick
  • Textured/granulated surface which makes it less slippery
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Brackets for ground fixture or to join modules to be ordered separately