Plateau Sunhub

SunHub elevates Plateau Picnic to another level. With SunHub, Plateau Picnic become more than just a piece of furniture, it becomes a social ‘hub’. It allows users to listen to music via the built-in speakers and Bluetooth connection, charge their phones wirelessly or by cable and PC-charging. In the evening light from the SunHub grazes the tabletop, creating a cozy atmosphere. “Power to the people – and sound and light”.  The SunHub is 100% solar powered, resistant to weather conditions, intelligently controlled and CO2-neutral.


Dimensions & Data

  • Dimension: L1400 x B305 xH130 mm
  • Solar-powered, with 4mm tempered glass and laminated 60W solar cell
  • Built-in charging of mobile devices, speakers and LED-light
  • Built-in electronics, RTC-clock and battery
  • To be mounted on the top of Plateau Picnic
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