StraBe is rebranding!

We’re excited to announce the first stage of our rebranding journey is complete!

The StraBe brand is currently being redeveloped to better reflect where we’ve come from, where we’ve arrived to and where we are going as a company.

It’s all about encapsulating StraBe’s progressive standing with Landscape Architects, Specifiers, Councils and Corporate clients as the innovative partner that’s enhancing the potential of urban landscapes, public spaces and infrastructure projects – through the integration of our innovative, design-forward streetscape furniture.

We are deep in the rebranding process with Inska Digital Marketing Agency – and we couldn’t be more excited about the process, our progress and the trajectory we are on – past, present and future.

Say hello to
our new look

New Logo Release
What’s it all about?

StraBe’s new logo is comprised of a strong, distinctive B shape that references the letter ß, from the word StraBe which means Street in German.

The ß in our new logo represents the idea of a path, a journey with two dots symbolic of points of interest, people gathering or features along the way – aligning with our vision of creating a greater sense of connectedness to community and the environments that make it, through distinctive, design-forward urban furniture and streetscape products.

Reflecting StraBe’s European influence , heritage and stylish streetscape designs, the distinctive B and clean curved font style is a rich interpretation of the progressive styles, shapes and materialism of our products.

New Website In-progress
What to Expect

StraBe’s new website is a major aspect of our company rebranding. We are working collaboratively with Inska Agency to make our website easier for you to browse products, find inspiration, download files, design, specify and develop your projects.

The new brand has been reflected in our website, however we are excited to announce an all-new website is scheduled to launch in early 2023!

Thank you for inspiring us to take this rebranding journey.

We hope to have the privilege of collaborating with you on future projects.

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